Group Testimonials

500 + Canasta – I would like to thank U3A and SDA for the excellent venue for ‘500’ and Canasta. The pleasant surroundings, sparkling clean amenities, and now the newly paved carpak make it a pleasure to attend classes. Thank you very much again.                                                                                                                Kimberly Vincent

Lizzi’s Friday morning mediation is a great morning out.  Each week we do a set of activities to do with relaxing and a short meditation.  This morning started with a laughing exercise. Every morning is different and interesting I always go home feeling relaxed and happy.                                                                                                            Anon 

Meditation and Metaphysics – Great Group to feel the positive energies of meditation.  Uplifting and can be life changing.                                                                                                                                                                Kim Purdy

This is a very calming and encouraging atmosphere. The class is about support, raising awareness of our choices in life. The fact that we can choose our best life.  We are given tools of coping and other ways of looking at things.                                                                                                                                                                                       Jenny Jones

 The meditation class is a lovely group of ladies and some gentlemen. It’s friendly and non-religious and non-confronting. We get in touch with our hearts and grounding our bodies. It is not only a meditation but improving our lives, our relationships with ourselves and others with a variety of different modalities.              Paula Lourie

 Meditation – What have I got out of this class– I met a range of new people– I discovered through discussions that some people have a lot of sadness in their lives– They felt safe to share some of these things to others in the group– We all learned new strategies to help our lives e.g. operating from our hearts rather than our heads– We learned new strategies for meditation and healing.                                                                                                     Fiona Picot 

I look forward to meditation group each Friday. I always feel relaxed and happier after each session.  Lizzi gives us new  tools and knowledge to help in everyday life.                                                                               Colleen Mitchell

Friendly group. Love our teacher. We do something new every week so it isn’t boring. The meditation is very good for me.                                                                                                                                                                           Anon

 I think it is so good for our Mind Body and Souls to have group meetings to meditate and to share everyday things that are happening, not just to us, but the world.                                                                                     Angela Turvey


Yoga Benefits

As part of the 2016 Tweed Seniors Festival, the “Seniors Local  Achievement
Awards” were presented to eight well deserving members of our community.
Among them was our own president Rachel Hawken who also manages the “Kingscliff Friends of the Library”
“Congratulations Rachel”