Timetable, Membership Form & Contacts

The Committee was unanimous that we continue to require all members attending any group and/or function to be at least double vaccinated, or have proof of exemption. It is our duty of care to ensure our members are not put in harm’s way.

This is in line with Government legislation allowing business / organisations to make the decision of what is needed to keep their staff and customers (ie our Group Leaders and members) safe and well.


Term 3, 2022 Timetable as at 23 June 2022.

This updated timetable includes all new groups starting and/or restarting in Term 3 – click here for more detail.

Please contact the Group Leader of any group you are interested in attending for full details and availability.

Each member needs to follow the COVID Safety Plan of any  venue they are attending.


For the rest of the year our Membership Fees are $35. This covers Term 3 and Term 4. This will revert to our usual annual membership fee of $60 for 2023. For this you may join as many different groups as you wish, subject to  numbers. However you may only attend one YOGA or one PILATES group unless there is no waiting list. This is due to overwhelming interest in these groups and the limit on numbers attending. When enquiring about this, please respect the Group Leader’s decision.

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When enquiring about a Group please refer to the timetable and contact the Group Leader of that particular Group.


Committee Members contacts are NOT for general enquiries about Groups/Classes. If you have a query about a Group please refer to the Timetable for Group Leader details. 


PRESIDENT  Jim Cameron-Dow 02 6674 1697
VICE PRESIDENT / MEMBERSHIP Julia Shortus 0415 464 616
TREASURER Brian Mussared 07 5524 8435
SECRETARY Marilyn Barrie 0408 029 137
Bruce Jacques 0408 257 528
NEWSLETTER EDITOR Tony Bryan 0420 927 477
SOCIAL CONVENOR Dianne Johnston (02) 6674 4046
FFF CONVENOR Lorraine Bagge 0457 936 202

EMAIL                   tweedcoastu3a@gmail.com

MAIL                         PO Box 1523, KINGSCLIFF, NSW 2487