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**Important Notice**  

Before joining U3A  contact the Group Leader for the group you wish to join to ensure there is a vacancy, as some groups have a waiting list. In addition, you may attend one single group to make sure it is right for you before joining U3A Tweed Coast Inc.   GROUP LEADER CONTACT DETAILS CAN BE FOUND ON THE TIMETABLE

If you attend any Groups at Cudgen Leagues Club, you must be a member of that club.

What is your hobby or passion? Why not share it with others  maybe Chess or Backgammon, Drama/Acting, Computers

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The following gives short descriptions of some of our activities

APPRECIATING POETRY   (Ian Harris)   Group  members get to appreciate and enjoy the writings of so many poets from different eras and from different countries.  The variety of the themes they write about seems almost endless – Aussie ballads as well as our superb contemporary work, war, nature, poetry for children.The current theme is The “Romantic Period”, which includes Wordsworth, Tennyson, Coleridge and Keates. Who has not heard “I wandered lonely as a cloud. That floats on high o’er vales and hills,. When all at once I saw a crowd,. A host, of golden daffodils”  Limited vacancies in this group.

ART FOR BEGINNERS [Ian Hall ]  Would you like to try painting but don’t know where to start. Then this group is for you. Acrylics is a forgiving medium for beginners, Ian will get you started.

AUSTRALIAN HISTORY   (Ian Harris)   Australian history is much more than Captain Cook and the crossing of the Blue Mountains.  It is a story of tragedy, courage, the quirky and of so much achieved in so many ways and in so little time.  Discover how Australia became the country it is today.  Now looking at men who made important steps forward in our development,such as Thomas Mort. He was responsible for improving the refrigeration of meat and also involved in Dry Docks and engineering at Balmain in Sydney. These meetings feature contributions from members of the group that usually provoke lively discussions – as everyone can get involved.  A few places are available in this group.

ART ENTHUSIASTS    (Maree Edwards & Kay Lunnon)  This is a group of like-minded amateur artists wishing to have camaraderie while improving their artistic skills.  This is a self-help group which relies on the skills of members being shared around in an enjoyable atmosphere.  

BEGINNERS FRENCH  (Christine) A fun learning environment with emphasis on conversation rather than written grammar and homework (of course there will still be some of these, but not much, promise!!!) This is the class for you, if you have always wanted to travel to France, or even New Caledonia, be able to order at a restaurant, ask for directions or book a hotel room without resorting to pointing and arm waving and phrase books on the go.

BOOK CHAT  (Jennifer Derrick))  Meets in Kingscliff first Monday of the month during term time. Members don’t all read the same book as do most Book Clubs, but we each choose a book under a given theme, eg travel, a biography, survival, suspense.  Our Book Chat is an informal conversation about books, not intended to be too literary or academic.

BOOK LOVERS   (Wendy Plummer)  Meets on last Friday of the month in Kingscliff.  We all read the same book, then discuss our thoughts on it. These can be very different and it is always interesting to see how others interpret the same story line. New members are welcome.

BRAIN GAMES    (Marge Sheekey)   Just about everyone would like to keep their brain sharp no matter what their age.  The sessions are designed to encourage mental agility through exercises and games to stimulate different parts of the brain in a socially friendly and participatory way

CANASTA – PONY VERSION (Barbara Matthews)  Places available.  Barbara welcomes beginners or those already knowledgeable.  “Pony” will be the only game you will be playing.  Currently this is a small group whose members are enjoying the friendship that it brings.  If anyone would like to join us we would be more than happy to welcome all new comers, even if they haven’t played canasta Barbara will be more than happy to teach them

CARD MAKING   (Jackie McGee)    These classes are designed to be fun and interesting and everyone can achieve beautiful cards with little or no experience. Cost is $3.00 for each card kit. Basic tool kit is required after first lesson.  This consists of scissors, metal ruler, craft mat, pencil (fine), double sided tape, scoring tool.  All machines that are used will be supplied by Jackie. An example of this is a die cutting machine.

CIRCLE DANCING  [Jennifer Bellair ]  Circle dancing is done in an open or closed circle to a musical accompaniment. Dancing in a circle is an ancient tradition common to many cultures, marking special occasions & strengthening togetherness. It is a means of relaxation, joy, gentle rhythmic exercise & connectedness & may be an energetic uplifting experience or a more meditative one,  depending on the music.Each simple dance pattern is taught explicitly before it is done. No experience is necessary – all are welcome.

COLOR, STYLE & IMAGE  [Lorraine Bagge]  Not sure what color or style suits you?. Then this is the group to enlighten you. Lorraine has vast experience in showing people how to enhance their image. Have fun and discover how to bring out the real you with a makeover.

CRYPTIC CROSSWORDS [Dawn Hanson] Stretch your mind in this fascinating pastime. Be a detective, look for hidden clues. Lots of laughs happening here.

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY [ David Robinson ] From your I phone to large DSLR learn tips & tricks to enhance your photography.

DISCUSSION GROUP  (David Robinson)  A round table with 8-12 people discussing topics, trying to find solutions to the world’s troubles.  A friendly chat of concerned people without a heated word, just getting things off our chests and hearing others’ points of view.   Politics, Climate Change, Economy, Media, etc. are all in a morning’s discussion.  Please bring your active mind and calm nature to the group – we have lots of laughs too.

FAMILY HISTORY GROUP   (Robyn) This is a group of family historians who meet to share knowledge, skills and ideas about many varied topics, such as researching, organising and recording our family histories. We also look at DNA testing and family tree software. The group meets every second Thursday at the Tweed Heads Library.

 FRENCH ADVANCED  [ Carolyn Henstridge]  This group has learned most of the verb tenses,has a wide vocabulary, and knows a lot of grammar. If you wish to join us, please come along.


GERMAN   CONVERSATION  Beginners  :  (Valerie Skinner)  German Beginners uses an easy to follow textbook called “German Demystified” by Ed Swick, available locally or online.  Students first learn the German alphabet, which will help with the proper pronunciation of German words.  Next, students move on to simple day to day conversation in German – eg. greeting, name, courtesies.  Also in the first term, they will learn some simple grammar and become familiar with the three gender articles – masculine, feminine and neuter. Even inanimate objects have a gender which makes German and interesting language. By the end of the first term students will have a good grounding in simple grammar and will be able to hold a simple conversation with classmates.Classes are conducted in a happy and paced atmosphere.

 Intermediate :  This class has completed work on a German grammar book, called “German demystified”. Some class time  will be spent on consolidating “nuts and bolts” work from that book. However the main thrust of each lesson will be to increase student confidence in using German to talk about everyday aspects of life in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. Ingrid would welcome anyone who may have learned some German in the past and wishes to join this class.

 Advanced :    Those who have learned some German and would love to broaden, deepen or simply refresh their fluency in the spoken language will find the joy of communicating in German again with like-minded people a rewarding and entertaining experience. Unobtrusive help will be at hand if needed.

HATHA YOGA   (Di Johnston)  Irrespective of age, sex, fitness level, religious and cultural beliefs, everyone can benefit from the practice of this very gentle style of Yoga.   Yoga is unique in that the simple movements (asanas and postures) provide exercise for all the muscles and joints of the body, as well as the stimulation of internal organs and glands.  As a result of this careful stretching and relaxation, posture naturally improves, allowing all systems of the body to work more efficiently and productively, promoting a greater sense of good health, joy, and wellbeing. After only a few sessions you will observe your body gradually loosening up as it gains greater flexibility, and with a little practice, also discover an increase in stamina, a calmer and less tense state of mind, and a surprising ability to cope with the pressures and changes of modern living.

ITALIAN CONVERSATION   –   Level 2 (Janice Godwin)    This class introduces students to the Italian language, its culture and its grammar. Students are encouraged to use Italian as much as possible in interesting, true-to-life situations, e.g. greetings, personal details, leisure activities, eating out, shopping, etc. Students will also listen to a variety of texts spoken by authentic Italian speakers. Required texts: “Buongiorno Italia” by Joseph Cremona, “Italian Grammar Drills by Paola Nanni-Tate”, an Italian verb book and an Italian/English dictionary. Janice will email or print out additional worksheets for the students.  Note: This class has already been exposed to several years of Italian at U3A and is not recommended for beginning students. However, anyone with some knowledge of Italian language and grammar is welcome to join the class. 

ITALIAN CONVERSATION – Intermediate Level 4  (Janice Godwin)     This conversation class aims to encourage students to use Italian as much as possible in interesting, true-to-life situations, e.g. personal details, daily routines, leisure activities, talking about holidays, past experiences and future events, etc. Students will also listen to a variety of texts spoken by authentic Italian speakers and are encouraged to read extracts from Italian magazines, newspapers and online blogs. Required texts: “Buongiorno Italia” by Joseph Cremona, “Nuove avventure con Montalbano” by Andrea Camilleri, an Italian verb book and an Italian/English dictionary.    Note: This class has been exposed to eight years of Italian at U3A and is not recommended for beginning students. However, anyone with a moderate level of Italian language and grammar is welcome to join the class.

ITALIAN – Advanced.  (Barbara RoughanThe advanced Italian group is made up of 8 people who have been learning the language for a few years.  Our focus is mainly on conversation with a little grammar done every week. The group leaders vary; whenever  Barbara Roughan is away, either Judy Stephen or Mary Rawson aided by native speaker Victor Scoccimarro lead the group. We all enjoy the relaxed, informal atmosphere in which we attempt to converse in Italian for at least half of the time!

KNIT & NATTER [Jude Vernon]  is a social knitting circle available to both women and men, from novice to expert for those with a shared passion in knitting to meet, mingle, share patterns, techniques, tips on stitches and trouble shoot. Research has shown that knitting increases brain health, improves fine motor skills and reduces stress levels. Participants are asked to bring their own projects, as materials will not be supplied.

MAHJONG     (Janet Swift; Janice Butler; Pat Tripp)    Monday morning at 11.45 until 1.45pm and at 2pm until 4pm a number of people meet to learn Mahjong while others play Mahjong.    Tuesday morning at 10 am until 12 noon –people play Mahjong.   Thursday from 2 pm until 4 pm –people play Mahjong.   Monday and Thursday groups play in the Community Room, 2 Marine Parade/ Cnr Moss Street,  Kingscliff.   Wednesday the group plays in the RSL Club, Murwillumbah. The Western game is played following the rules laid down in ‘The Game of Mahjong – Illustrated’ plus a few ‘House Rules’. Numbers are restricted therefore it is necessary to contact Janet Swift (0412 821 642) regarding the Monday groups, Janice Butler (0488 570 350) regarding the Tuesday group and Pat Tripp (07 5524 3674) regarding the Thursday group.   We do ask that beginners start on a Monday and then move to other groups if held at a more convenient time once some knowledge of the game has been gained.

NATURE WALKERS  [Jeni Harvie & Jude Vernon] An easy 2 hour walk on formed paths, boardwalks and beaches in our local area lead by Jeni and Jude. Group Members will need to be moderately fit, able to walk or amble for approx. 2 hours. There will be ample opportunities to rest, indulge in photography, take in views and wildlife. Group members will be notified of location on Monday prior to walk, carpooling could possibly be organised if venue is some distance away. Venue: Local beaches, headlands and wetlands.

PAVEMENT WALK  (Julia Shortus) This continues to be a happy group of people who chat along the way solving the world’s problems and generally enjoying each other’s company. This walk is followed by coffee at the tables in the park for half an hour. If you would like a morning walk along both sides of Cudgen Creek, why not meet us just before eight on a Monday morning in the park opposite the ambulance station.

PAINTING AND DRAWING [ Yvonne Downes ]  Yvonne has spent many years as an accomplished artist drawing and using the medium of Acrylics. She will happily share with you her extensive knowledge which can be applied to other mediums such as Oils & Water Colors. So which ever you prefer to use, come along, you will enjoy being in the company of other painters.

PILATES [Jenny Jones]  Basic / classic Pilate exercises performed on a mat, followed by relaxation.

ROCK and ROLL—DANCE MIX STYLE    (Roy and Pam Blowers)  During their 16 years living in Brisbane, Pam and Roy taught rock and roll and have participated in countless dance demonstrations for events, charities, fetes etc.  Now retired and living locally they have continued to dance every week in and around Tweed Heads.  They will be offering an eight week course which will be held at Cudgen Leagues Club on Thursday evenings.  The 2½ hour session will include basics for beginners, freestyle rock and roll dance lessons (including 4 x step jive and rockabilly) and an hour to dance with a partner.   Go to:    to find Pam and Roy on the internet.  This video demonstrates that by re-thinking your dance moves and combining Rockabilly, 4 step and swing jive dance styles within the one dance (song) you can adapt the steps to suit your own agility and flexibility.   .

SCRABBLE   (Di Johnston)  Scrabble is a good way of keeping the brain cells working and players usually come with a reasonable knowledge of the game. This Group is friendly and sociable, however it is limited in numbers due to the size of the room.  There are lots of benefits of playing Scrabble in addition to the obvious fun part. The more you play this board game the better you get at it and the more rewarding it will become for you in many ways including: mentally, socially and emotionally.

SPANISH  (Andrew Kolec)  Those attending these classes range from beginners to Level 2.  Members of this class are required to have the publication “Hugo in 3 Months  – Spanish Latin America” and with the aid of this book, they will be guided through essential grammar and pronunciation, building up a vocabulary and practicing speaking skills.   Andrew has places available in the Beginners’ group.


TAI CHAt the moment there are very limited vacancies in some of the “Forms” practiced. Please contact the leaders as per the Timetable for more information.

Tai Chi originated in ancient China. Nowadays it is practiced throughout the world to enhance health and wellbeing. Many scientific studies have demonstrated that Tai Chi is amazingly effective for this. Tai Chi is suitable for almost anyone, it may help relieve pain and stress, improve quality of life and concentration and integrates body, mind and spirit.  Practicing Tai Chi helps to strengthen vitality with a very positive effect on health.  Tai Chi is low-impact, gentle, safe and effective. Build Health Fast – in Slow Motion

See the Extras Page for more information about Tai Chi

TECHNOLOGY (David Robinson)  Technology is fantastic but a big puzzle for some, it is here to stay and becoming an everyday tool.   In the group we demystify technology so you are not overwhelmed with it.  Terms like WiFi,  Blue Tooth, Android etc. are taught so you become comfortable using your Tablet or Smartphone.  We discuss/explain Attitude, Awareness and Acceptance of new technologies so we can enjoy the benefits they bring.  There is no need to have a computer or experience to attend the class.

TRAVEL TALK  (Alec Shortus)     Everyone loves to tell others about their travel experiences (both good and bad).  Whether your travel is within the beautiful Tweed region, interstate, national or overseas, Travel Talk is an opportunity to tell others about those memorable events when we experience different environments, countries and cultures.  Would you rather trawl through on-line travel reviews or find out by talking with people?  If you want to find out face-to-face, then Travel Talk is for you!

UKULELE FOR BEGINNERS [ Ray / Brendan ] If you have thought about about learning a musical instrument but thought it would be too hard then this is the group for you. Ray will patiently take you through the steps and have you strumming in no time.

WRITING YOUR OWN LIFE STORY (Chris Beattie)  In this Group Chris will help you to put together your own fascinating life story.  After all we all have one.

WRITING LIFE STORIES   Tuesday at noon (Lynda Tait)  This enjoyable class has a complement of 12 members all keen to commit our stories to a medium that was unimaginable when we were growing up. Our stories form the basis of a social history – the lives of our grandparents, our parents  –  and our upbringing in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.  See  WRITING LIFE STORIES. DESCRIPTION OF COURSE

WRITING LIFE STORIES   Tuesday 2.30  (Colleen Mitchell) This group commenced in 2002 and now it is one of three such groups offered by Tweed Coast U3A.  Today, technology has taken the place of pen and paper and many families will leave few written records. However, it is not only with posterity in mind that the members of this group write and read their stories. It is for pleasure , for sharing, to prod their memories and to keep their brain cells active.

 YOGA POSTURES.    (Lynda TaitIn this class we practice Hatha Yoga—the  yoga of posture and breath.  Originally the purpose of yoga postures (asanas) was to build and maintain the strength, stamina and flexibility needed to endure long periods of meditation and to balance physical and mental processes.  This is still a worthy goal, but if your interest in yoga goes no further than a fit body and good health then doing the postures in this class will achieve this.  Click here to read about the  BENEFITS  yoga provides.